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Full-service property management for vacation and short-term luxury homes in California. 

Cedar Bay Group transforms your real estate investment property into a successful vacation rental home.
We take care of homeowner's needs from the point of finding a real estate investment property to all aspects of vacation rental management. As homeowners, we serve homeowners. 


We help you turn your real estate vision into reality. Our world-class consulting protocol leverages human expertise infused with cutting-edge machine learning to create the best experience for our clients.

Our core capabilities concentrate on

  • Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance

  • Asset Efficiency Analysis

  • Pricing and Revenue Management

  • Real Estate Acquisitions

  • Zero-Base Real Estate 


We save you time through our scaled end-to-end vacation rental management service. We take care of all your hosting needs to enable your real estate asset to grow in value and generate higher income.

Our core services include

  • Full-Service Vacation Rental Property Management

  • Listing Management

  • Guest Management 

  • 24/7 Guest Communication

  • Cleaning Coordination

  • Maintenance Management

  • Client ROI Reports


We help you extract maximum value from all your real estate assets. We leverage artificial intelligence to decode key metrics and simplify results. Our industry-leading analytics techniques and tools help you generate property insights that yield higher returns from better, faster decisions. 

Our core capabilities concentrate on

  • Client Real Estate Analytics

  • Asset Performance Data

  • Predictive Investment Logic

Cedar Bay Group Real Estate Vacation Rental in McCloud, California
Cedar Bay Group, Cedar Log Cabin, McCloud California, Short-Term Luxury Rental

McCloud, California

Enjoy a unique, outdoor experience in our one-of-a-kind cedar wood log cabin sitting on two and half acres at the foot of Mount Shasta. Find peace of mind in the tranquil woods outside of McCloud, California. The closest hiking trail leading to the summit of Mount Shasta at 14,179 ft. is only a 10 minute drive away.


+1(628) 283 8008

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535 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA 94105

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